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5 Ways Managed IT Service Is an Important Piece of the Business Puzzle

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Written by Bryan Badger posted on Nov 6, 2022

Key Points:

  • Managed IT is a critical business tool.
  • Without proper IT, the sales team can't function, marketing doesn't work, the accounting department won't track payments, and you can't analyze data or communicate.
  • In a cutthroat competition, your business should embrace tech solutions that increase efficiency, reduce cost, streamline processes, and provide a better user experience.
  • That's why businesses are going for managed IT services.
  • A great managed service provider will allow your organization to focus on your business growth while optimizing your IT infrastructure for business success.

The internet has reshaped how businesses operate — especially after two years of pandemic-driven remote work. Today, nearly every organization relies on the internet to execute some of its functions, making technology a vital piece of the business puzzle.

Even the smallest local business needs some level of IT to thrive because it generates sensitive data like payment credentials, customer profiles, and service records to serve clients better.

While important, IT isn't the main focus of every company — which is why many organizations outsource their IT needs. Your business can leverage several benefits by partnering with the right managed service provider, but let's focus on the five most significant benefits.

1. Improves Your Security Frameworks

No question. Internet and technology boost business efficiency. However, internet exposure is a double-edged sword.

Every day, cybercriminals generate a tidal wave of new cyber threats, washing over innocent businesses. Regardless of size, every business is a potential victim of malicious emails carrying ransomware, password-stealing Trojans, and software vulnerabilities that can allow attackers to access systems.

For many organizations, a cyberattack is a serious and expensive nuisance. Businesses cannot risk a security breach. That's why they go for managed IT services for improved security posture.

Managed IT service improves business' security frameworks, secures your data, enhances security awareness among your employees, and fixes vulnerabilities as soon as they arise. A reliable MSP will protect your business against operational interruption, prevent reputational damage, and help you avoid legal penalties associated with data breaches.

2. Sets up an Efficient and Reliable IT Infrastructure

Every business needs its technology to support its daily operation. The only problem is that setting up an IT infrastructure for expansion, scalability, reliability, and efficiency can be difficult.

An MSP can help you set infrastructure that eliminates the dreaded downtimes, troubleshoots drags in business operations, and creates more solutions to allow employees to work efficiently. To set an efficient infrastructure, a managed IT service provider can help you with the following:

  • Choosing the right cloud provider that matches your business need
  • Preparing your IT infrastructure for increased workload
  • Ensuring the IT solutions you're adopting meet compliance requirements
  • Minimizing response speed
  • Protecting your technology against DDoS attacks and malicious bots
  • Ensuring business continuity

Managed IT services will ensure nothing jeopardizes your business operations. If there is an issue with the network, computer, servers, or cloud solutions, experts will help you fix it immediately.

3. Simplifies IT Cost Management

Many businesses believe that they can manage their entire IT needs internally at a lower rate. However, in many ways, an MSP can help your business lower its expenses on IT.

For instance, an MSP offer access to the best vendor prices and the latest technology to your business, which might help you eliminate expenses in hardware and IT tech. Your business won't have to manage upgrades, software updates, or install patches to operate seamlessly.

The MSP will shoulder all the tasks, relieving your organization of the hassle of maintaining equipment. You can then focus the resources and time on your business's core competencies.

Outsourcing your IT also eliminates the cost of IT staff. Hiring and retaining IT talent is expensive.

An MSP spends time educating and training its IT experts and making them available to your business. You won't have to pay for training or retaining IT personnel. Instead, you'll have skilled and knowledgeable talent at your disposal every time.

You can also budget for managed IT services because of their predictability. An MSP will outline all costs associated with the projects necessary for your IT environment, then offer you a flat monthly rate. You can then have peace of mind to enhance your business without worrying about urgent or unexpected IT projects or expenditures.

4. Frees Your Resources and Time and Channel them to Strategic Projects

An MSP will free up your IT stuff. IT departments of most businesses are stretched thin. Outsourcing IT frees your employees, allowing your business to channel the energy and time to strategic projects.

For example, your business can outsource routine practices such as patching vulnerabilities, upgrading servers, and updating antivirus software. Such maintenance services are non-critical to your business, but necessary. If your organization outsources them, you'll free up time for your team to focus on what matters most to your business.

You can also outsource complex functions and rapidly changing technology and leave your in-house IT team to focus on projects that drive your business's core objectives.

5. Gets You a Competitive Edge in Your Industry

In a cutthroat throat competition, your business needs to curve a competitive advantage to succeed. While there are many competitive advantages, such as delivery speed, market speed, and even price, competitors can replicate them quickly.

Your best shot is at leveraging technology better. With technological innovation, your company can form a sustainable competitive advantage to cement its position as an industry leader.

A managed IT service provider can offer you comprehensive IT solutions to help you:

  • Operate smoothly
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Get valuable insights on your business operation to make strategic decisions
  • Get solutions specifically tailored for your business

Competitive advantages aren't limited to a few processes you can execute better than your competitors. An MSP can help you reframe your business landscape and help you use tech to carve a sustainable competitive advantage that leaves rivals trailing in their wake.

Integral Networks Can Help Your Business Gain a Competitive Edge Using Technology

Your organization needs a special angle to stand out. While there are many ways to create competitive advantages, Integral Networks can help you carve sustainable ones using technology.

We can help you leverage technological innovation to separate you from your competition in your industry. Contact us today for any of your IT needs.

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