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Citrix Support & Engineering For US Healthcare Organizations

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Written by Bryan Badger posted on Mar 26, 2022

US Healthcare Organizations Work With Integral Networks For Citrix Support

  • Citrix is transforming how clinicians deliver patient care
  • However, managing high-level IT in the healthcare industry is a formidable task
  • Integral Networks offers Citrix support and engineering for US healthcare organizations to ensure they have all the technical support they need

Citrix solutions provide clinicians with health IT transformations that allow instant access to patient information, deliver applications and data needed to deliver optimal patient care, and offer centralized IT functions.

However, managing these high-level IT services can be an excruciating task, especially when the system's reliability impacts other people's lives. What's more, the number of IT trends driving change in the healthcare industry are numerous, presenting a challenge to organization leaders to balance several competing priorities and mandates.

Integral Networks can offer you Citrix support and engineering to:

  • Ensure compliance and data security in the face of the rising cybercrime threat
  • Streamline clinical workflows and information access to achieve business goals
  • Reduce the time, personnel costs, and resources associated with the complex Citrix infrastructure
  • Design Citrix infrastructure for your healthcare organization

We can offer nearly all Citrix support and engineering a healthcare organization can need.

Citrix Support & Engineering For US Healthcare Organizations

Structuring of the Cloud-Ready Environment

Citrix presents a cloud-ready IT environment to address the business needs of your healthcare organization. On the Citrix platform, your can design healthcare technological solutions such as:

  • SaaS
  • Web apps
  • Traditional Windows Apps

Since the applications will be on the cloud, your workforce can assess the solution from anywhere.

Integral Networks can help you with the structuring of the architectural design framework. Our engineers will help you:

  • Consolidate disparate point solutions
  • Standardize electronic medical records
  • Upgrade operating systems
  • Move you to Citrix Cloud
  • Help you choose different deployment models to meet your need
  • Host desktops and applications

Whether you're running a hospital, clinic, or ambulatory site, we can deliver an infrastructure that works for your organization's needs. Our engineers will set up a healthcare IT infrastructure on Citrix that supports different numbers of end-users and clinicians without increasing the complexity.

Our design experts will write your virtual desktop and app infrastructure, manage your server, and assort your storage. We'll then create an architecture that allows centralized management so that you can add more end users without increasing operational complexity.

Simplifying Access to Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Citrix solutions enhance workflow in a healthcare organization such that clinicians can access sensitive patient information on any device, over any network.

Our engineers can create cloud systems that allow staff to roam apps and data securely while helping clinicians reduce unnecessary app relaunches or clicks when shifting locations.

We'll ensure Citrix helps you to deliver better patient care — from managing patient flow to ePrescribing. Our experts create solutions that seamlessly integrate with the Citrix cloud and let you take quicker and more intelligent action with the critical patient information at the point of care.

With improved access to electronic health records (EHR), you can get a comprehensive overview of the patient's complete clinical summary with data such as:

  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Complications
  • Lab reports
  • Immunization
  • Vitals

As a result, your clinicians can make quick but informed medical decisions.

For instance, an improved EHR can execute functions like identifying drug interaction, which can simplify your clinicians' task of prescribing the right medication to your patients.

Security Enhancement

While Citrix has its own security features, our engineers can help you deploy additional measures that prevent data theft and loss while ensuring you remain compliant with regulatory authorities such as:

  • GDPR

We'll design a hardened cloud platform with advanced security features, including malware and ransomware protection, flexible encryption, and access control.

Other security measures we will help you deploy include:

  • Integrating single sign-on and cohesive sign-on
  • Remote access
  • Content inspection for end-to-end access control
  • Governing access to the approved SaaS apps
  • Filtering access to specific website categories and websites to protect your healthcare organization's network and user devices from data leaks or malware
  • Enforcing enhanced access security policies for secure SaaS applications access
  • Monitoring users' activities to check for malicious websites visited, risky download and upload behaviors, bandwidth consumed
  • Taking corrective measures to protect your healthcare network using the analytic around website and website categorizes accessed
  • Offering end-users secure and seamless access to all the apps you host on Citrix
  • Restricting actions like printing, clipboard access, and downloads
  • Contextualizing access where a web filter evaluates the risk of each hyperlink users click within the SaaS application

Our engineers are familiar with the Citrix platform and healthcare security requirements and can help you secure patients' information and the organization's data.

Easy Access to HIPAA and HITECH Compliance Information

Citrix has built-in tools to monitor, log, and report information from HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act) to ensure your healthcare technology remains compliant.

Our task is to engineer solutions that ensure you're actively compliant regardless of the regulatory bodies' new restrictions. Our technicians actively improve your system to improve security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

After all, the mobility transformation in the healthcare industry comes with challenges related to privacy, security, and compliance. HIPAA and HITECH will continue to introduce stricter rules because of the rising prevalence of data breaches in the healthcare industry.

The rules tend to minimize instances of:

  • Hacking
  • Phishing attacks
  • Data theft
  • Accidental data loss
  • Poor management of organizational accounts

An instance of a data breach in the healthcare industry has severe effects on patients. We'll help you implement technology that ensures your organization is cyber secure.

Faster Deployment and Delivery of Consistent Experience

Clinicians' experience when interacting with your technology on Citrix is vital. The poor user experience would waste time that the clinicians would have used to provide patient care.

Integral Networks can help your healthcare organization plan on what solution you need to prioritize to deliver a consistent end-user experience.

For faster deployment, we'll survey your existing IT system and identify the best model you should implement. Depending on your business's need, we can offer you:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) — where you store medical data in the cloud and access it over the internet
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) — where you use Citrix computing resources, but you retain complete control of your infrastructure
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) — where you use Citrix as a platform to host and run applications

In most cases, healthcare organizations will want to deploy all three cloud models for a superior experience. Our engineers have the expertise to deploy any cloud model for a consistent end-user experience.

Integral Networks Will Offer US Healthcare Organization Citrix Support and Engineering

Nearly all healthcare organizations prioritize giving employees seamless access to data and applications necessary to deliver optimal patient care. However, setting up the right tech structures, streamlining them with your organization's operations, and maintaining high technology for the healthcare world is complex.

Integral Networks will help you with Citrix support and engineering for your healthcare organization. We work with hundreds of healthcare organizations across the United States, providing Citrix support and engineering, and we can help you too.

Contact us today for assistance with Citrix for your healthcare organization.

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