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The more your business grows, the greater your technology needs become. At some point in the life cycle of every small business, this becomes a troublesome challenge. Most business owners don’t want to deal with installing new hardware, setting up servers, and expanding their network capacity…all while hoping that it all stays functional.

When you get to this point, you need Integral Networks’ data center services. Pass on the hassle and let us managed the IT resources necessary to operate a modern, high-tech business. We will set you up with everything you need for a scalable, growth-oriented operation. Don’t get held back by a lack of IT resources. Get managed hosting, servers, disaster recovery, backups, and security for your business.

Secure Data Center for California Businesses

Data breaches affect businesses of any size, and hackers present an ever-growing problem. Do you have the resources for on-site server security measures? A locked room isn’t enough to protect the physical security of your servers, and your network security can be compromised in many ways. Unsecured wireless networks, employee devices and weak passwords all contribute to IT security issues. Integral Networks uses state-of-the-art data center security to keep your applications, data and workstations safe from data breaches and other vulnerability issues. If something happens with your servers, you have expert staff keeping an eye on everything so problems get handled before they impact your business operations.

Managed Hosting and Colocation

You need a better network infrastructure to support your IT demands, but your on-site facilities can’t keep up with your business growth. Integral Networks offers managed hosting and colocation services to meet your growing IT needs. Managed hosting takes care of everything for you, from hardware updates to software updates.

Your servers work the way you need them to, and you get to leverage Integral Networks’ infrastructure and IT resources. Data center services are what we focus on, so we have the latest hardware and software to help you with your needs.

If you prefer to use your own hardware but still require better network infrastructure, we also offer colocation services. With this option, you get access to our infrastructure so you have the power you need to meet your server demand, but you use your own familiar hardware