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Data Center Hosting Services

As businesses expand, their current data centers become too small to accommodate the demands placed on them. As a result, they frequently require enhanced technological capabilities beyond what they currently have. However, since investing in such infrastructure would be expensive and disrupt normal operations, most business owners opt for outsourced services.

Managed Hosting Services

Our hosting services are an all-inclusive set of IT services and solutions that all businesses need to operate. We primarily focus on providing services to small and medium-sized companies looking to establish a stable IT infrastructure but have little room in their budget for such an investment.
Managed hosting services Company in  Rocklin and Reno
Benefits of Managed Hosting Company in  Rocklin and Reno

Benefits of Managed Hosting

Reliability and Stability

It's extremely tough for a small or medium-sized firm to keep a dependable data center due to the high cost of the initial investment. However, thanks to the expert hosting by a professional firm such as ours, your company may have highly stable and dependable data centers.


Our physical data centers are in exclusive locations and have multiple layers of security. Security measures include both physical and technological elements. This measure is to ensure that your data is safe at all times.


Managed hosting services ensure that your company has thorough and "round the clock" access to professional IT support. We have the industry's best experts as our staff, and we can help you manage a vast array of technologies.


We can adapt to your needs by working with you to create a hosting plan that matches your company's specific demands. This measure allows you to scale up or down as needed without having to make massive investments.


Our specialists ensure that your company has access to the much-needed IT resources to meet its demands. We do this by working with you to build out a hosting plan that best fits your business.
Manageability Company in  Rocklin and Reno
Managed Colocation Company in  Rocklin and Reno

Managed Colocation

Our data center colocation solutions provide a cost-effective alternative to managed hosting. Colocation services are suitable for businesses that already have significant IT budgets but do not want to shoulder the responsibility of maintaining the data center. This implies that a firm may outsource internet infrastructure and allow us to operate the data center.

Benefits of Colocation


Colocation services are cost-effective since they allow you to acquire the required hardware and software without worrying about maintaining them. The process is also cheaper than hosting since you only outsource technical assistance and not the technology itself.


Much like managed hosting, colocation services provide the necessary scalability for growing businesses. Colocation allows you to upgrade and expand your data center as your business grows without worrying about extra investment.

Data Security

As with managed hosting, your data remains safe with our high level of security and data protection.

These are just some of the many benefits that you can enjoy when you work with us. We also offer other business necessities, such as network security, managed IT services, data backup and recovery, cloud workspace, and VoIP services.
Benefits of Colocation Company in  Rocklin and Reno
Data Center Hosting Solutions & Services  in ROCKLIN and  RENO

Data Center Hosting Solutions & Services

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Our top priority is to ensure that your technology runs seamlessly. You can rest easy when you put your business's technology in Sacramento and Reno in our capable hands.

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