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Does Your Business Need an IT Consultant?

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Written by Bryan Badger posted on Nov 15, 2018

Most small businesses handle their technology internally. Starting out, this approach makes sense. Startup budgets are tight, tech demands are minimal, and most people can plug in a few cables and install MS Office.

However, as a business grows, so does its technology demands. More workstations are added. More data is being processed. The business begins to lean more on its technology to thrive.

All in all, things get more complicated, and the IT demands of the business begin to grow beyond what someone with passing knowledge can (or wants to) manage.

At this point, most business owners will call in IT consultants to handle their ever-expanding technology needs. Below are a few reasons why a business may require the services of a managed services provider/IT consultant.

1. Cutting Costs

Hiring an in-house IT expert is expensive and often unnecessary. The better option for most? Hiring a managed IT services company or consultant. IT consultants in Sacramento such as Integral Networks charge for their services based on the amount of work done for a company. They can provide all of the services of an in-house IT department without the burden on the payroll, and by offering inexpensive, scalable solutions managed IT services can easily grow with the company.

2. Enhancing Security & Minimizing Cyber Risk

Data security is more important than ever, especially when a business adopts new technology. IT experts can advise you on the safest technologies to use and help you build a working strategy for deployment that fits your needs. When it comes to cybersecurity, a managed IT company can provide all of the necessary defenses -- even 24/7 monitoring -- for a fraction of what it would cost to do this in-house. Hiring an IT consultant is also the right move whenever a business experiences or suspects a data security breach.

3. Professional IT Management

Without a doubt, one of the biggest advantages of hiring a managed IT consultant is the experience and knowledge that they bring to your company. Business technology is always changing, and IT experts can help you decide what new technology can actually help your business to thrive. You can rest assured that if your IT professional recommends a course of action, it will be the most beneficial to your company.

4. Improved Productivity

When used correctly, technology can help a business improve their overall operations. Modern solutions allow businesses to communicate internally easily and efficiently. Solutions like cloud computing also help employees to improve their productivity and efficiency. IT consultants can advise businesses on the best technologies to achieve these goals.

5. Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

Some technical issues may be too overwhelming for the in-house IT department to handle -- especially if your IT department is an employee who just happens to know a bit more about computers. The internal "break/fix" approach usually falls short when a major crisis occurs, and the downtime can be expensive. With a professional IT consultant on your side, you can be prepared for the worst with business continuity, backup, and cybersecurity solutions already in place.

IT Consultants Can Help!

With the huge role that technology plays in modern business, it's often more costly to "wait for something to go wrong" than to take a proactive approach to your IT. This is where IT consultants can change the nature of your operations for the better. You can benefit from a consultant's wealth of expertise and experience in planning and executing a business technology strategy. This will position your business for smooth operations, minimal risk, and easy growth in the future.

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