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How AI Is Changing Business Technology

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Written by Bryan Badger posted on Mar 6, 2023

It’s an undisputed fact that technology is changing the workplace—and you shouldn't resist these changes any longer. Do you know how you and the businesses you work with can harness Artificial Intelligence?

Has your business fully harnessed the capabilities of modern technology?

There’s a lot that the vast range of modern IT solutions can do for your organization. You can boost productivity, security, access, and more by deploying the right solutions. This is all a part of what is known as “digital transformation”, a key component of which is artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial Intelligence 101

AI is driving digital transformation across industries, from healthcare and finance to manufacturing. AI technology allows companies to automate processes with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before. By leveraging the power of AI, businesses are able to take advantage of new opportunities for growth and innovation. 

In business settings, AI can be used in a variety of ways. It can help automate complex tasks such as client service inquiries or sales forecasting. It can also provide insights about client behavior and enable smarter decision-making through data analysis. Additionally, AI can be used to develop targeted marketing campaigns based on user preferences or usage patterns.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that allows computers to correctly make decisions that would otherwise be left up to users. The two primary popular forms this has taken in the consumer and business worlds to date include:

  • Machine-learning, which exponentially improves the frequency with which it makes correct decisions by accumulating data and repeating processes (i.e., it “learns” by rote)
  • Speech-based technology that can understand spoken word in multiple languages, allowing it to execute tasks by verbal input (e.g. Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant)

By investing in this technology as a service, small businesses can benefit from an economy of scale. You just pay for access to artificial intelligence solutions, instead of having to pay outright to own them or develop them internally.

How AI Is Improving IT Solutions


A key application of Artificial Intelligence will be in client Relationship Management.  An effective CRM system gathers all crucial company information on client interactions in one place for analysis and reporting, allowing savvy business managers and owners to learn what they’ve done well and what they could improve on. 

As vital as standard CRM is, just imagine how much more effective it could be when supported by AI. An AI-supported engine will be capable of actively assessing all data on your client second to second, flagging potential issues and seizing key opportunities long before a conventional team would spot them. 

Smart Cybersecurity

Security based on advanced algorithms that can adapt and learn creates a system that can become familiar with the normal patterns associated with each user and device, detecting anomalies in those patterns quickly.

Essentially, something known as a neural net can be used in cybersecurity efforts. Based on a robust algorithm, the neural net can "learn" to spot patterns of data associated with previously identified and classified spear-phishing emails.

By incorporating this technology into an email client’s spam filter, the filter will be able to spot fraudulent incoming emails and eliminate them before they reach the recipient.

One of the best parts about neural nets is that they continue to learn and improve the more that they are used. With increasingly more data to draw from, this AI will become more and more accurate in doing its job. Investing in AI technology is critical, as machines can respond much more quickly to the way these attacks are adapting. 


Automation is a rapidly growing application of technology in the business world. 

Automation with machine learning plays an enormous role in optimizing workflows and predicting problems before they occur. With workflows based in the cloud, you can automate or semi-automate many processes:

  • Workflows and consistently repeated work
  • Use analytics to predict problems before they arise.
  • Automate and monitor work and maintenance schedules.

How AI Is Changing The Way IT Companies Support Their Clients

It is essential for IT companies to stay ahead of the curve and leverage new technologies that can help them deliver exceptional service to their clients. AI has emerged as an invaluable tool for IT companies, enabling them to quickly identify and mitigate risk in real-time, spot malware on a network, speed up troubleshooting, and predict invasions before they affect end-users. 

AI isn’t just helping businesses keep their networks secure; it is also fueling growth through digital transformation. The use of AI helps IT companies better understand client needs and prioritize tasks so they can be completed more efficiently. This technology allows IT companies to have increased visibility into their clients’ networks and develop deeper insights into their clients’ needs.

By leveraging AI, IT companies can identify which services are most valuable to their clients, anticipate client problems before they occur, and customize support solutions that best fit the individual business’s needs. With AI-powered data analysis, IT companies can also gain a better understanding of client usage habits and even automate certain tasks. 

In addition to enhancing client service and experience levels, AI also helps IT companies reduce costs associated with manual processes by eliminating unnecessary labor or substituting it for more automated processes. 

For example, AI-driven automation can help identify areas where additional resources may be necessary to provide better service levels or where cost savings could be realized by changing existing policies. This helps IT companies better manage their resources and make their services more cost-effective. 

The potential benefits of artificial intelligence are vast, and the impact it can have on an IT company’s business is considerable. By leveraging AI to quickly identify and mitigate risk in real-time, spot malware on a network, speed up troubleshooting, and predict invasions before they affect end-users, IT companies can not only provide more reliable service but also enhance client experience levels. 

As digital transformation continues to take place in the managed services space, these AI-driven advancements will become increasingly invaluable for IT companies looking to remain competitive and grow their businesses. 

Integral Networks Will Help You Harness New Technology

IT development and planning doesn't have to be a frustrating process. 

Our team will develop a strategic plan specifically for your company to make sure you’re investing in the right modern solutions (such as AI-powered tools) to truly help you meet your overall objectives and exceed your goals, in order to reach new heights within your business. 

Keep in mind, IT strategy isn’t a one-time thing. We can work alongside your team to provide ongoing guidance, support, and services. 

Get in touch with the Integral Networks team to get started.

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