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Why Businesses in Reno and Sacramento Should Consider Internet Security Awareness

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Written by Bryan Badger posted on Dec 9, 2021

With the increase in cyber-attacks today, every business owner or leader should implement measures to curb cyber-attacks. This will protect their organizations from potential threats and data breaches that could stall business operations, leading to hefty fines, penalties, and losses.

Human error is among the key contributing factors of data breaches. Most of these errors come from your employees. As a leader, it is imperative to evaluate technologies and programs that will help you curb cyber threats. One of the effective strategies is training your team and creating awareness of internet security. Read on to learn how internet security awareness is impacting businesses.

Why Businesses in Reno and Sacramento Should Consider Internet Security Awareness

What is Internet Security Awareness?

Internet security awareness is the knowledge of the end-user about security risks and threats that organizations face in their daily operations.

As a business leader, it is your responsibility to ensure all your employees get internet security awareness in time to mitigate any risks.

Hackers continue to devise creative ways to manipulate systems and use stolen data against organizations. This is why employees must stay aware of potential threats and avoid such problems in the future.

Implementing Internet Security Awareness Training

To effectively curb cyber threats, you should put in place the best practices that your organization and employees should follow to enable you to achieve your security goals.

Training is an effective strategy that will allow your employees to stay ahead of the game in security matters. Here are tips on how to implement successful internet awareness and training.

Create an Internet Security Training Program

Internet security training includes various aspects, and this is why it is imperative to plan well before you begin. Below are several elements you can include in your plan.

•    Determine employees that need internet security training.
•    Define the scope of your internet security training programs.
•    Determine who is going to train your team.
•    Set short-term and long-term measurable goals you want to achieve.
•    Create merits to determine how you will test your team after the training.
•    Analyze the culture of your business and then tailor your training needs accordingly.

Using the list above will help you stay focused when training your team and ensure full accountability before, during, and after the training. It also enables you to ensure that every employee benefits from the program.

Evaluate Training Options

Once you create a plan, you need to assess your training options. Determine the best methods you will use to deliver practical internet security training to your team. This is because what works for one organization may not work for you.

For instance, you can choose free training online, have an in-house training program, or hire an internet security training expert such as Integral Networks to offer professional training to your team. It is best to consider all the available options and settle for one that works for your team.

With the increased competition across various sectors, customers want to do business with secure platforms. This is why you could consider hiring a training consultant to offer exceptional training to keep your business and customers' data safe.

Create a Communications Plan

All through the training, you will want to communicate with your team to determine the effectiveness of the training. It is best to create a communication plan that your staff will use to give feedback and help you to measure the level of understanding.

You can also use the feedback generated from your team to determine how long the training will take. Talk to your team members about the communication channels in time to keep them updated.

Use the feedback to determine gaps in the training and devise effective ways to fill the gaps and ensure every employee is well-equipped.

Engage Your Employees

Your employees are the main focus towards internet security training. This is why it is imperative to engage them in every step of your program. Give them time to express how much they understand security threats and how they can affect your business.

This information will help you determine the level of training to offer to your employees and the amount of time to spend on the training. While the employees may have different views, understanding each individual's needs will help you offer quality training. 

Train Your Employees 

It is best to train all employees at all levels of your organization to remove all gaps that could lead to cyber-attacks, because no one is immune to making mistakes that could attract scammers.

Ensure you train your staff multiple times a year to embed the knowledge and follow up to see how each staff works and the obstacles they may be facing along the way.

This is why it is imperative to consider a consultant such as Integral Networks who knows the local working policies to help you create cyber security policies for your business.

Be Thorough with the Training

Training your staff on internet security is more than briefing them. The training needs to be thorough to add value to your business. You can group your employees in terms of their internet security understanding levels to offer customized training.

For instance, the technical team could have a better idea about internet security than other departments. Tailoring your training needs will help you ensure every employee gets equipped with proper knowledge.

Analyze Results and Take Action

When done with internet security awareness, it is imperative to determine the effectiveness of the training. You want to ensure that every participant completes the training programs and is well-equipped with the right skills to curb security threats. It is also best to consider ongoing training to keep your staff up-to-date with the ever-changing security trends.

Keep Internet Security Awareness a Top Priority 

Internet security training and awareness isn't a one-day activity. Here are several ways to keep the team's momentum high.

•    Keep training your team and evaluating each one's performance and seriousness.
•    Send spear-phishing campaigns to all team members and analyze them critically.
•    Create monthly, quarterly, or yearly reward programs for those serious about security training.
•    Remind your team that everyone has a part to play in curbing security threats to your organization.
•    Share your systems' cyber security statistics, updated reports and performance with your team members.

Do not forget to assign new courses to your employees, since online hackers continue to devise creative ways to hack systems. So, ensure your training is high quality by assigning supplementary courses as per the latest cyber threats within your organization.

The Importance of Regular Internet Security Awareness in Reno and Sacramento

Data breaches can happen via emails, opening attachments, links, signing into public networks, passwords, creating simple passwords that hackers easily guess, Malware attacks, Ransomware, insider threats, fraudulent emails, and phishing attacks, among other elements.

This is why it is imperative to train your team on sophisticated cyber security strategies to improve security and keep your data safe. Here are the benefits of regular internet security awareness.

Prevents Data Breaches and Attacks 

This is the most obvious reason to train your staff on internet security. The training and awareness will help your team learn how to identify potential attacks, report to the relevant people within your organization and mitigate the potential attacks before they occur. This can minimize data breaches and help you continue your business operations with no interruptions.

Reduces Threats 

When you train your staff, they will be mindful of security best practices and identify the common types of attacks such as phishing and spear phishing. It will help the technical team spearhead malicious emails and links sent to employees and immediately take measures to prevent attacks.

Builds Security Culture

Employees are the backbone of your business and the first line of defense for your organization. You can use them to achieve your internet security goals in real-time if you offer regular and effective training. The training and awareness help you build and maintain a security culture among employees. This culture helps your staff head in the right direction and embrace security values for your organization.

Builds Customer Confidence 

Every customer wants to feel safe when transacting. They're increasingly aware of cyber-attacks and becoming more cautious on whom to do business with.

If customers sense danger in your system, you will likely lose them, and it may never be the same again. So, take measures to improve your security and will build customer trust and confidence.

Ensures Compliance

Internet security awareness training helps organizations comply with regulations and avoid hefty fines and penalties. Adopting security training makes organizations more secure and meets the ever-increasing regulatory requirements and demands.

Employees become more familiar with compliance policies to handle sensitive data effectively. This adds a layer of security and boosts your compliance efforts.

Speak To an Internet Security Consultant

Integral Networks is a highly skilled and experienced internet security training specialist within the Reno and Sacramento areas. We can take all your guesswork away and help you build a strong team with an in-depth understanding of internet security best practices. Our comprehensive training program will leave your employees highly equipped with the right security skills that will enable them to identify and report threats in time. Contact us today and let us help you achieve your internet security goals in real-time.

Thanks to the team at 4BIS.COM in Cincinnati for their help with this research.  Discover more about them at

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