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IT Staff Turnover?
Outsourcing Helps Big Time!

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Written by Bryan Badger posted on Jan 24, 2022

Outsourcing IT Helps Reno & Sacramento Organizations Deal With IT Staff Turnover

Employee turnover is highest in the technology sector.

According to LinkedIn, the tech department has a turnover rate of 13.2%. Even when your business can effectively attract and recruit tech talent, retaining them for over a year is a problem. Payscale says that the median tenure for tech talent — even for big organizations like Google — is as little as one year. On the other end is your business — a brand that can't afford a failing or unreliable IT team during critical periods. You wonder:

What option do you have to deal with IT staff turnover?

You need to accept that you can't address some turnovers, given that tech talent shortage is a challenge and employees will move where the prices are competitive.

Then, identify a solution that prioritizes your business in a way that:

  • Ensures continuity of your business operations, regardless of who quits
  • Offloads your internal team and resources from the burden of handling extra tasks left behind by employees that leave
  • Instantly provide the technical skills for all your IT needs

Outsourcing IT support might be the best solution for IT talent turnover.

IT Staff Turnover

Ways In Which Outsourcing IT Support Can Help Manage IT Staff Turnover

Your business needs an ever-available partner to:

  • Ease the struggle with management of your network
  • Server management
  • Supply a range of technical skills
  • Save you money without compromising the quality of services you receive

Let's explore further how outsourcing your IT support will help you with the problem of high tech talent turnover.

1. Better Workload Management

When there's a high IT staff turnover, the remaining members of the IT team faces an increased workload. Your internal IT team will find it difficult to address daily IT tasks like:

  • Server monitoring
  • User support
  • Monitoring network security
  • Keeping a regular backup

The remaining IT team will find it difficult to handle daily IT tasks without compromising critical tasks like cloud migration, data center management, and VoIP.

At the same time, if they assume the daily management tasks and only focus on high-priority tasks, your system will be underserviced.

In other words, IT staff turnover can overwhelm the remaining team member.

Your IT support team doesn't need to choose between long-term initiatives and immediate concerns. You can outsource part of your business IT tasks to free up time for your staff to focus on business-building projects.

2. Experience Leverage

Managed IT service vendors often handle similar problems and are well-positioned to address IT problems based on their experience. You're almost certain you'll find the right skill replacement for employees that have left without the need to spend on recruiting or training new talent.

When you outsource your IT support to a trusted professional, the team you'll be working with will have direct experience dealing with the issues and variables that can quickly derail your business when a member of your internal IT team turnovers.

From experience, the team will often detect a problem in its early stage to help you avoid big issues.

3. Save Money on IT Solutions

Solving the IT staff turnover problem isn't easy. You might need to:

  • Research the right talent to replace the outgoing.
  • Provide a competitive salary for the tech role you're looking to hire.
  • Offer unlimited paid time off.
  • Increase salaries to a point that no one would ever want to leave.
  • Incur the cost of dealing with employees' vacation time and health care.

While all these are best practices to retain tech employees, small and medium-sized businesses can't compete with six-figure salaries offered for tech talent by leaders like Amazon and Google.

What's more, some tech employees leverage their experience with small businesses to land an internal IT job with bigger employers. A fact that doesn't serve your business interest best.

Outsourcing your IT support can help you save on recruitment costs by enabling you to:

  • Access a large pool of technical skills instead of hiring several employees to deal with different IT tasks.
  • Scale-up and down easily depending on how your business is performing and growing.
  • Get the possibility of remote support, 24/7, at an affordable price, which is nearly impossible for an employee to offer you.
  • Avoid the hiring, onboarding, and training fees

More importantly, you'll get long-term IT cost certainty because managed IT services help develop and forecast an accurate budget on technology that takes care of changing needs of your business.

4. Offers Scaleable Assistance and Security

When your business grows and changes, your IT needs also change.

For instance, Dropbox-type file sharing and on-premise servers have become impractical to address the data needs of a growing business. As your business starts generating a huge amount of data, you'll need safe and available-to-access storage solutions.

Hiring a replacement to attend to your server might be a viable option. However, you might want a solution that executes backup and data transfer in a way that complies with standards to avoid security liability.

When one of your experts quits, hiring a managed IT service provider will be a great option to transfer your business data to an enterprise-level cloud platform and offer you complimentary services such as:

Such scaleability can help you deal with the tasks more than what your employee could have handled.

5. Protect Your Network and Enhance Security

Network and data security are top priorities for any business because hackers constantly monitor vulnerabilities to manipulate.

If your cybersecurity expert quits working, your business faces an increased risk of data breaches and ransomware attacks. Cyber attacks can cripple your operations and stain the reputation of your brand. Instead of spending your valuable time finding another hire, you can outsource your cybersecurity task.

When you outsource network monitoring tasks and data security responsibility to an external IT team, you can manage operational difficulties such as:

  • Network downtime
  • Prevent data breaches
  • Getting advanced endpoint securities
  • 24/7 network monitoring — that's always difficult for an in-house team to achieve
  • Managed firewall to keep hackers off your network

All in the effort of ensuring your technology in Sacramento and Reno runs smoothly even when your cyber security specialist quits.

6. Promotes Innovation

Outsourcing IT services provides you with access to a pool of technical skills that can help your business:

  • Stay on top of emerging technologies.
  • Employ best practices that help you retain a functional and agile IT department even when IT staff turnover.
  • Address IT issues fast because of the experience gained from frequent handling of the same problem.
  • Stay relevant in a dynamic business environment.

In cases of IT staff turnover, an outsourced IT team will help you simplify the development, implementation, and management of innovative technology without costing you a fortune.

7. Access to Unlimited Pool of Skills and Resources

The technical skill your business requires is different from that of another company. For the most part, when your IT experts quit, the remaining team might lack the skill level to handle some specific tasks.

Instead of looking for one or two employees to handle the complex task, you can tap into a pool of skills and resources that an outsourced IT team offers. An Outsourcing IT team supplies your business with more flexible problem-solving approaches because of its diversified pool of skills.

8. Reduce Multitasking

When your business faces a huge turnover, the remaining team might be forced to multitask to cover the workload. Otherwise, the overwhelming workload can paralyze your business operations.

While multitasking might sever you for some time, it isn't ideal for all circumstances because it cripples productivity. When employees multitask, they:

  • Spend a lot of energy switching between tasks
  • Are prone to mistakes and errors in the process of switching tasks
  • Lose focus more easily because of the distraction
  • Interrupts the flow of work, risking productivity

When an IT staff leaves your team overwhelmed, an outsourced IT team can help you cover the rest of the IT tasks. The remaining in-house team can focus on jobs that suit them most.

Integral Networks Will Help Your Business to Manage IT Staff Turnover

High tech talent turnover can cost your business. According to SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), the cost of recruiting, training, and replacing an employee is worth 6-9 months of an employee's salary.

You don't have to sweat it, though, if you're in Sacramento and Reno.

Outsourcing your IT support to Integral Networks will help you:

  • Fill in the gap left by IT talent turnovers
  • Get IT services to help you maintain peak operations with your network resources, regardless of who exits your internal IT department
  • Leverage affordable flat-rate fees without compromising your business' unique needs and expectations
  • Retain or boost productivity by streamlining your operations, even with new members in your IT department
  • Monitor your network 24/7 a year to detect and prevent threats from worsening even during the holidays
  • Ensure no turnover stalls your business projects or disrupts productivity
  • Get a wide range of tech help to help your business meet your desired goals

Instead of spending lots of time and money trying to find an employee replacement, you can tap into readily available experts to fix your IT problems almost instantly.

Contact us today to get started with specialists who prioritize the efficiency of your business' technology.

Thanks to the great team at 4BIS in Cincinnati for their help with this research. Learn more about them on

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