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Network Security Services Integral Networks Company in  Rocklin and Reno

Network Security Services

A majority of small to medium-sized businesses assume that malicious internet users or "bad actors" only target medium to large business enterprises, and thus end up predisposing themselves to hackers and becoming easier targets. In reality, as technology keeps advancing, these bad actors keep inventing more sophisticated hacking tactics to attack businesses with relaxed or non-existent cybersecurity policies, regardless of their sizes.

Typically, cybercriminals choose their targets indiscriminately based on factors such as the level of vulnerability a potential target exudes. However, that doesn't mean that they won't target your small business investment just because it's small in size; their focus is your money, not the size of your business. An Internet Security Threat Report in 2016 indicated that 43 percent of phishing campaigns target small businesses. In essence, this Symantec report shows that around one in forty small businesses faces a cybersecurity risk.

A recent study has shown that 1 out of 5 small business networks are increasingly becoming direct targets that hackers can easily compromise. If your business network is compromised, you may end up losing sensitive financial data, customer information or even become a victim of identity theft.

How Integral Networks Will Minimize your Risk Profile with Tight Cybersecurity Policies

Frequent Updates Integral Networks Company in  Rocklin and Reno

Frequent Updates

Ensuring that all your network resources and computers are updated is one way of preventing potential network security hiccups. The devices you use at the office, such as laptops and tablets, contain a lot of sensitive information about your business, including banking information, personal data, and online activities data. Your device's operating system has several built-in functions that are designed to protect you against cyber threats. It's, therefore, important to ensure you update your operating system regularly.
Passwords Integral Networks Company in  Rocklin and Reno


It's important to ensure that you and your employees don't use weak or easily guessed password combinations. If you utilize multiple cloud-based solutions to streamline operations in your business, chances are that you might have several passwords. That may tempt you to reuse a single password across all the online platforms or simply create a weak password that you can quickly remember. That is a very risky approach as it predisposes you to hackers who are constantly hunting for small businesses that use weak passwords. Our experts will guide you on how to implement effective password policies and the right tools to use when creating strong passwords to safeguard your entire business network.
Managed Firewall Integral Networks Company in  Rocklin and Reno

Managed Firewall

While the work of a firewall is to keep the bad actors out, a firewall is as effective as the team managing it. You need a business-grade firewall solution that is managed properly and is capable of mitigating all the potential cyber threats targeting your business. Integral Networks will help you understand the difference between investing in a network router and installing a network firewall. Our firewall infrastructure covers everything from administration, monitoring to maintenance.
Advanced Endpoint Security Integral Networks Company in  Rocklin and Reno

Advanced Endpoint Security

With the right endpoint security solution, you can detect all cybersecurity threats from everywhere. Credible endpoint security will give you peace of mind knowing that your network is safe and secure, especially if you have remote employees who are the easiest target of hackers today. Without this solution, your computer and network faces a risk of being infected with malware, spyware, or a virus. We'll offer you an endpoint security solution that will boost your overall agility, continuity, and productivity.
24/7 Monitoring Integral Networks Company in  Rocklin and Reno

24/7 Monitoring

It's critical that a business's cybersecurity posture includes 24/7 monitoring. Hackers are always looking for vulnerable entry points that they can exploit to attack businesses in the cyber world. Hence, while they may find a few cracks and target your business in a static defense, that's quite difficult if you're always watching. We have a team of experienced cybersecurity analysts who understand how cybercriminals think and behave: they'll be your human eyes constantly watching over your network.
Network Security Services  in ROCKLIN and  RENO

Network Security Services

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Our top priority is to ensure that your technology runs seamlessly. You can rest easy when you put your business's technology in Sacramento and Reno in our capable hands.

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