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Nevada & California Law Firm Calls Integral Networks For ProLaw Support

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Written by Bryan Badger posted on Mar 22, 2022

Integral Networks Support Law Firms In Nevada & California Running ProLaw

  • ProLaw is business management software for small to mid-sized law firms — connecting your entire organization and allowing team collaboration.
  • Moving ProLaw to a cloud environment allows improved accessibility, flexibility, and security for legal operation.
  • Many Law firms in Nevada and California call Integral Networks to help with ProLaw and hosting services and ensure reliable and responsive cloud solutions.
  • The Integral Networks Company has a team of specialists that have worked with the ProLaw platform, cloud hosting, integration, and solution development.
  • The ProLaw services that law firms get vary depending on specific needs.

ProLaw is a law practice management software for small to mid-size law firms. The software offers legal companies a platform for the back office, front office, or both.

From client management, document management systems (DMS), and cloud hosting to custom report development, custom triggers, and QA testing — you can leverage a lot on the ProLaw system.

However, you might need expert support to help you get the most out of the platform.

With a team full of experienced ProLaw experts, Integral Networks has helped hundreds of law firms in Nevada and California to get the most out of ProLaw. We deliver ProLaw cloud migration, deployment, integration, and management depending on your specific needs.

ProLaw Support Law Firms Nevada California

ProLaw Cloud Hosting

ProLaw is a server and desktop-based software. You can run it on-premise or in the cloud. At its core, the software allows law firms to execute:

  • Client and contact management
  • Calendaring
  • Case management
  • Workflow and task management
  • Time and billing
  • Accounting
  • Document management

We can help you put ProLaw in the cloud to get a superior experience.

On the cloud, ProLaw offers better mobility, network security, and accessibility. Moving the software to the cloud allows your workforce to operate from anywhere — eliminating the necessity of your employee working in one location, office, or computer.

More importantly, hosting ProLaw in the cloud will enhance your data security and compliance, ensuring you meet the ethical obligations of law firms. Our experts at Integral Networks will shoulder all the heavy cloud hosting tasks for you. We'll offer ProLaw cloud services that include:

  • Seamless migration to the cloud
  • Data encryption — in transit and at rest
  • Dedicated server space
  • 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure less downtime
  • Point-in-time data backup and recovery
  • Several redundant data back-ups
  • Regular system maintenance and patching
  • End-to-end virus protection

We understand all the technical and legal requirements of the cloud environment for law firms and can move your ProLaw to the cloud securely.

ProLaw Custom Development Support

ProLaw is an excellent software right out of the box, but integrating other utilities to the platform customizes the software to address the unique needs of your law firm. The software is malleable, providing room for customized software packages to achieve different functions.

We can help you combine the front office of ProLaw with custom fields such as:

  • Complaint information
  • Litigation tracking and case jurisdiction
  • Internal case management with billing
  • Contact management
  • Document and time manage

As a result, you can have invaluable resources.

Integrating different software into one platform simplifies management practices and helps you reduce overhead software costs. At Integral Networks, we take the task of streamlining ProLaw with your law firm management practices by securely integrating other software.

For instance, we integrate Microsoft and Adobe functions to ProLaw to give you control of your emails and documents coming from different sources. As a result, you can:

  • Automatically synchronize documents, appointments, emails, tasks, contracts, and spreadsheets into the ProLaw platform for easier filling
  • Prioritize matters or contacts in ProLaw
  • Simplify the maintenance of the files of the matters you're handling
  • Improve productivity and flexibility because of uninterrupted workflow

Our developers have vast experience working with the ProLaw platform and will quickly handle your integration needs to ensure streamlined performance.

ProLaw Financial Reporting

As with any other business, your law firm needs to:

  • Protect profits
  • Reduce implementation time
  • Skyrocket efficiency and accuracy by identifying errors and updates before they impact reporting error

ProLaw has financial reporting that allows your law firm to get insights that enable you to make informed financial decisions.

We'll set up your ProLaw software to deliver real-time data and eliminate erroneous data that would otherwise limit your company's ability to address unprofitable practices that hurt your firm. Our experts will set a single system for your entire reporting process so that you can have pinpointed data for your firm's productivity, efficiency, and productivity.

We'll create for you a financial reporting solution that reports about:

  • Operational expenses
  • Timekeeper compensation
  • Timekeeper revenue
  • Capital expenditure

Integral Networks will then plug the Financial Reporting saluting into your payroll and human resources system in ProLaw to deliver a standard process that eliminates errors, saves time, and corrects errors instantly.

Quality Assurance Testing

After investing money and time into ProLaw, it's important to understand how it works. Even after initializing ProLaw perfectly, you might experience problems over time that may stem from:

  • Customization effects that can cause unexpected downstream
  • Database problems
  • User scaling

Integral Networks offer Quality Assurance testing and User Acceptance testing to assess your ProLaw system and examine your key business function and customization to ensure excellent functionality.

Quality assurance testing is the only way to assess how your ProLaw system will work. Depending on your law firm's needs, we'll provide you with:

  • Full-time quality assurance testing professional who's familiar with ProLaw and the law industry
  • System inventory to identify workflows, custom reports, fields, and forms
  • ProLaw assessment and customizations by an independent outside party
  • Customization and application setup verification
  • Monitoring node deployments to all core components of ProLaw infrastructure
  • Recommendations on how to fix issues
  • Implementation of the recommendation

Our quality assurance experts will help test your ProLaw setup and configuration to eradicate the dreaded unknown.

Integral Networks Will Help You Migrate to ProLaw and Host it In the Cloud

Our team of experts has a wealth of knowledge of ProLaw and numerous other legal apps and how to host them in the cloud. We can help move your document management program to ProLaw and address your cloud installation needs for easy and convenient access by your employees.

Contact us today to discuss ProLaw services your firm may require and their prices.

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