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Does Your IT Company Resolve Challenges Quickly?

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Written by Bryan Badger posted on Mar 3, 2022

Your IT Company Should Help You Overcome New Challenges Quickly

Integral Networks helped this college pivot to remote work quickly in March 2020—do you have a reliable, fast-acting IT partner on your side?

The COVID-19 pandemic shed a light on how important it is for organizations and companies to be able to pivot quickly and take advantage of opportunities, during challenging times. The ability to work remotely was proven to be such an opportunity and allowed organizations to be flexible and responsive.

If your organization is planning to continue with remote work into the future, you’re not alone in that decision—according to 317 CFOs recently surveyed by Gartner, 74% say they expect to move previously on-site employees remote post-COVID-19.

Furthermore, although it may be safe to bring your staff into the office, it’s important not to forget all the hard lessons learned during this pandemic. Subsequent waves have become a stark reality, and so, you need to make sure you have a viable remote work plan in place that can be launched quickly.

The question is: are you remote ready? This is a common concern we’ve heard from clients...

IT Company Resolve Challenges Quickly

The Problem: This College Needed Reliable Remote Capabilities

IT resources have never been as important as they are now as a majority of professionals work from home. In order for organizations like this one to stay connected and productive while working remotely, they need the right technologies and processes in place.

Due to how quickly the pandemic developed, many organizations were unable to prepare for the shift to a remote work setting. Doing so would have required careful planning, methodical execution of new processes, and expert implementation of new technologies.

That’s why this client began looking for expert IT assistance. They knew they needed to have a solution that was affordable, scalable, and secure and that enabled an efficient remote workforce.

At the time, this college had a very limited and antiquated Remote Desktop solution that, at most, 10-20 people used. In addition to this the campus did not have the necessary network or hardware resources to support a fully remote workforce. With access to campus limited, their technology needed to reside elsewhere in the event of an issue.

When the pandemic hit, all of a sudden, the college had 150+ people forced to work from home with no way to access campus resources and data securely and no resources on campus to support this—the good news is that they had Integral Networks on their side.

How Integral Networks Solved This College’s Problem

Integral had plenty of resources at our disposal in our own data center. Our team acted quickly to portion off the necessary hardware, isolate it and, within a few days, spin up an entire Secure Workspace service for the college.

We use Citrix and VMware technologies for all of our service delivery, allowing us to scale up within days to support all their users working remotely, and securely from a Citrix-based VDI. This meant that their entire staff could securely access campus resources and data from any device connected to the internet.

Looking For An IT Team With Remote Capability Expertise?

One thing to keep in mind is that well-managed service providers are being nabbed up fast. Organizations across the U.S. are quickly realizing that they need reliable IT service and enhanced support for the new systems and subsequent risks that have been presented during this time of COVID-19.

If you're looking for help with your remote work, contact Integral Networks.

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