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Switching Your IT Company In Sacramento Or Reno

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Written by Bryan Badger posted on Mar 17, 2022

Thinking Of Switching IT Companies In Reno Or Sacramento

Businesses depend on Information Technology (IT) to reach a wider market and make more sales. What if your IT service providers are not there to help whenever you need them the most?

Many businesses suffer poor IT services due to the inability of their IT providers to handle their business needs. As a result, they end up having compromised systems, and in some instances, data loss which translates to great financial losses.

Despite the struggles with incompetent IT providers, many companies fear migrating to better managed IT service providers. They fear losing data and the complexity involved in migration.

The migration process doesn't have to be complex when you have a team of professionals, and you follow the right steps.

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Why Are Companies Shifting to Other IT Companies?

COVID-19 changed several aspects of business operations, forcing many businesses to switch to remote working. Working from home pushed IT companies to their limits and several companies struggled to maintain the security and efficiency required by their clients.

When a company decides to outsource its IT services, it aims to enhance security, reduce downtime, and improve productivity.

When your IT company struggles to meet your needs, you may opt for another company offering better services. Such a company will help you with better network security, data management, and any other business needs.

How Difficult Is It to Migrate From One IT Company to Another?

Migrating from one IT service provider to another can be overwhelming. Let's look at the dangers of migrating without proper considerations in place.

Data Corruption or Loss of Data

Many companies have suffered data loss or corruption as they switch to other IT service providers. When migration is done with haste, data loss is inevitable.

Misconfigurations and improper backups are the major reasons for data loss.


Downtime is every company's nightmare. Migration can cause prolonged downtime if not managed well. To avoid prolonged downtime, you may want to communicate your desire to shift after everything is set.

Poor Services From Your Next IT Provider

You are not immune to poor services from the next service provider after you migrate. Testimonials and deep research are important before deciding on your next IT service provider.

Security Breach

Network and system security are major concerns in every business setup.

Migrating to a new IT company creates the perfect opportunity for malicious hackers since your data is accessible by more than one party. In a worst-case scenario, your current IT service provider may intentionally create backdoors in the systems without your knowledge, compromising your network's security.

How Do You Know It's Time to Switch Your IT Company?

The decision of whether to switch IT companies or not is vital to the success of your business operations. The migration process takes time and resources and, not to mention, allowing third-party access to your data, which comes with its own share of risks.

While it's impractical to guarantee 0% downtime, professional IT providers go above and beyond to minimize risks and respond promptly whenever issues arise. That said, downtime and other minor issues may not be reason enough to want to switch  IT companies. So, when is the right time to consider a switch?

1. When You Keep Resolving the Same Issues

Redundant issues can only mean your support provider implemented a temporary solution to your problem. For example, your computers keep on failing to connect to the network. Whenever you call the support, they work for some time, then the problem continues.

You need a company that does it right to offer a permanent solution. When issues are addressed this way, you experience low downtime and high efficiency.

2. Getting Hidden Charges in Your Bill

Your IT service provider should help you make healthy decisions for your systems to help support your business at large. In addition, transparency is important in any business dealings.

There should be proper communication between you and your IT provider and no surprise bills for the client.

3. When Your IT Company Starts Providing Sales Rather Than Strategic Guidance 

Your IT service provider should help you meet your business goals. IT services are there to support your business operations for you to maximize productivity. As such, if you never meet with your IT provider to discuss how you can use technology strategically to meet your goals, it is time to shift.

4. When Your System Gets Compromised Too Often

Imagine being hit by ransomware despite having an IT service provider that claims to manage your security. It could cost you huge amounts or push you out of business. Having glitches once in a while is understandable. However, if you keep experiencing one issue after another, your IT company may be "sleeping on the job" or worse, taking advantage of you in order to rack up the bill.  Either way, that means it's time to find a new provider.

Your IT service provider should ensure antiviruses, firewall, encryption, etc., are working to protect the client's data.

What Is the Best Approach to Migrate to a New IT Company?

Switching IT companies can be very simple and straightforward. However, sometimes businesses face hostility from their original IT provider when they decide to switch companies. To ensure a smoother transition, here's how to go about migrating to a new IT service provider.

1. Retain the agreements with your current IT provider until you have everything set with your new IT provider.

Take your time to find a company with a proven record of helping companies transition. If you terminate services without a plan in mind, you will end up with prolonged downtime or switch to worse.

2. Make sure you have full control of the network; logins, passwords.

Many companies like to transition out of contracts, which is more straightforward. You should be careful as some may want to take hostage of your data and network services.

You should ensure you have control over the logins and you are not restricted from accessing any files on the network.

3. Have the new company conduct a security review on the network.

If you have been struggling with viruses in your network, you don't want to extend that to the new company. Your new IT company should conduct an extensive security assessment to identify the vulnerabilities and backdoors in the network.

4. When all is set, cancel the contract with the previous IT provider.

You need to have proper backups in place in case of deletion or accidental omission. When everything is in your control, inform your current IT company to hand over any services left to the new company.

Some companies will require you to give advance notice before shifting to a new IT company. Even when this is the case, only communicate the intentions when you have observed these measures.

5. Inform the employees about the change in support and train them on new processes.

Communication is vital to keep employees updated about changes that come with migration. The employees embrace changes faster when the changes are communicated in time.

Integral Networks Will Help You Make a Smooth Transition and Manage Your IT Services

IT plays a crucial part in your business success. Integral Networks will help your business shift from your current IT company fast and help your business scale more effectively.

Here are some of the solutions we provide for businesses:

Contact us today for more discussions on how we can help your business reach its full potential.

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