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Five Online Scams to Watch in 2018 in Los Angeles
Five Online Scams to Watch in 2018

Online scammers never rest. They always find new ways to trick people. You must be vigilant. If you are active online, it is important to stay educated about the scammer’s methods. Here are five scams to watch out for in 2018. Netflix Phishing Scam Netflix has a customer base of over 100 million users. That […]

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Safeguarding Your Social Media Accounts in Los Angeles
Safeguarding Your Social Media Accounts

In some ways, it’s more challenging for businesses to secure their accounts than individuals. You don’t want to keep your posts and business information private as you obviously want to attract publicity. However, it’s still important to use caution and make sure you make it difficult for anyone to hack into your account or steal […]

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Does Your Password Reside on the Dark Web? in Los Angeles
Does Your Password Reside on the Dark Web?

Integral Networks is announcing its new Dark Web monitoring services and identity theft protection solutions. With Dark Web ID, Integral Networks offers around the clock monitoring and alerting for increasingly compromised digital credentials, scouring millions of source, including botnets, criminal chat rooms, peer-to-peer networks, malicious websites, bulletin boards and illegal black market sites.

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