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Windows 365 Cloud PC A New Way To Make Your Business More Agile and Productive

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Written by Bryan Badger posted on Aug 30, 2022

Key Points:

  • Windows 365 combines the power and security of the cloud to provide a Windows experience on any device with a cloud PC.
  • The solution allows users to work anywhere on any device through
  • Cloud computing is convenient for users and admins because it allows access to all Windows resources even when they are not in the office.

Windows 365 cloud PC lets you securely access your PC from anywhere through The platform combines the power and security of the cloud to let you stream your desktop, apps, settings, and other content anytime to all your devices.

For your IT team, the platform lets you execute management services and assign and configure users' cloud PCs using familiar tools like Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Windows 365 Cloud PC

Windows 365 in More Details

The business world has a high demand for cloud-based solutions, given the growing need to work remotely and securely over the past years. Microsoft appears to respond to the rising need for cloud solutions, providing Windows 365 cloud PC to modernize how it delivers Windows experiences.

For example, many business people have personal laptops and iPad. Microsoft 365 makes your PC available on both devices so that you can execute daily business functions on an online portal. To launch your cloud PC on any of your devices, go to

You'll see your desktop specs with your apps, including your last activity on your physical laptop. Everything your IT department has installed for you will be on the start menu, ready to work on, immediately.

Reliable Speed

Everything you'll connect to on the cloud will be super fast — whether downloading, streaming, or uploading content from your cloud PC.

To put the operational speed in context, the average wireless connection speed in the US is around 27 MB/s, which is more than enough to access and use Windows 365. However, once you get to your cloud PC, things get even faster because the device you're using to connect to your cloud PC doesn't need to have a fast connection. Your cloud PC's connection is never going to be the bottleneck.

If you can stream a movie on your network, you have enough bandwidth for a great experience.

Accessing the Cloud PC From an iPad

Most macOS and iOS devices are limited to Apple's operating systems. However, Windows 365 Cloud PC is accessible from iPads and MacBooks, not just Windows devices. While you can launch your cloud PC on from the Safari browser, you can use native iOS, Android, and Mac apps.

When you log in to your cloud PC, it'll open where you left it on your previous device.

You can access your cloud PC from any device anywhere and get the same experience. Just like a physical computer, the cloud PC is your consistent Windows PC in the cloud. It will be the same today or a year from now as long as it's still active.

The New Possibility to Connect to a Consistent and Ever-Ready Windows Environment

Window 365 presents the possibility for you to connect with your desktop, apps, files, and even settings from the Microsoft cloud.

Even though the PC is in the cloud, you'll still get access to local files such as shared files, folders, and internet apps. You don't need to drive to your office to get access.

The platform perfectly suits the hybrid work experience.

Connecting to your work network with a personal device can introduce unnecessary risk. However, cloud PCs can always connect to your work network, eliminating the need for a local or VPN when employees access business computers from personal devices.

The Windows 365 Portal Guides First-Time Users

When you're a first-time user, the portal will guide you on what to expect and how to manage your cloud PC. Once you log in to Windows 365, you can see your PC specs and manage settings such as:

  • Restarting
  • Renaming
  • Troubleshooting any issue

Soon, admins will be able to set additional settings such as resetting and resizing.

Admin Capabilities on Cloud PC

Microsoft 365 offers vast management benefits, making admins' work easier. Admins will not have to worry about computer infrastructure to set up and manage PCs in a business network.

More importantly, you won't need to worry about learning new management tools and paradigms. Window 365 is consistent with how you manage physical devices using the Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM).

From MEM, you can see your physical and cloud PCs appear side by side. Admins can manage apps and policies from MEM like any other Windows device, and the management experience is consistent and familiar with what admins are used to.

Simple Cloud PC Assigning

Assigning a cloud PC on Windows 365 only has two requirements:

  • A license
  • Be part of an AAD Group that's assigned to a provisioning policy

You'll need to start in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and assign licenses just like you would from any other Microsoft 365 service. Next, click on your active users and start assigning. Depending on user demand, you can choose the cloud PC specifics you want to assign in core types and RAM and change users' cloud PC specs.

Monitoring Health and Performance

Many organizations are concerned with monitoring the health and performance of their PCs.

Microsoft put more focus on monitoring and performance. The platform has an analytic tool that allows you to monitor network connections and check your PC health across your VNETs.

The analytic tool runs to ensure your connections are up and running. In the event of a failure, the platform will let you know and provide suggestions on how to rectify the issue.

Security and Compliance

Like any other Microsoft 365 solution, your cloud PC will meet security and compliance requirements.

From a security perspective, your Cloud PC is abstracted from the device you use to access it. As an admin, you have complete control over the data in the cloud PC, and you can prevent employees from copying data to their local PC.

Beyond the admin data control, Microsoft 365 follows the Zero Trust Security model. For instance, you can use multifactor authentication to verify any login or access attempts to a cloud PC. You can pair the Zero Trust Security with conditional access login for each session.

More importantly, Windows 365 encrypts all data at rest or in transit. You can adopt more security options to ensure your cloud computer is safe.

Integral Networks Will Help Your Business Leverage All the Possibilities that Windows 365 Offers

The cloud PC presents several possibilities for your business. The solution transforms the enterprise desktop into a highly secure, always-available cloud-native utility service.

Your business can embrace the operational advantage of using cloud PCs to do more with less while driving positive business. Contact us today to get help with cloud PC solutions.

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