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No other IT consulting firm in Sacramento and Reno can touch our fast response time, range of experience, quality customer service, or our ability to deliver technology solutions that work exactly the way you want them to.

16 Questions


16 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Any I.T. Company

Our Services

Integral Secure Workspace

A integral secure workspace replaces your business' on-site software and servers and revolutionizes your data backup and recovery solutions.

Managed IT Services

Businesses across different fields have started discovering that adopting innovative technologies makes them more efficient and productive.


Cybersecurity is a proactive defense strategy that involves taking preemptive measures to protect computer systems, networks, and data from potential cyber threats.

Data Backup and Recovery

We use a unique system that backs up all of your domain and server information and stores it off site so you’ll always be able to restore your data quickly.

5 Big Reasons to Choose Integral Networks to Support Your Computer Network


18+ Years’ experience in the MSP & Cloud Computing space
Integral Networks has aligned with the most innovative technology leaders to build strategies that enhance business growth and scalability. Leading security technology allows us to stay on top of rising threats and challenges. The technology investments you make today further position your company for operational excellence in the future.


Helpdesk Support 24x7
Integral Networks provides after hours support for P1 tickets. During our services hours your computer support problem or network issues will be addressed in sixty minutes or less. Our entire team is an extension of your business. Empower your employees with on-demand support that’s just a phone call away.


NextGen Stack
Integral Networks continuously incorporates new and innovative approaches to meet the changing demands of the modern Workplace. Including emerging technologies, frameworks, or methodologies that offer improved performance, scalability, security, or development efficiency compared to previous generations.


Business-Driven Solutions that Enhance Growth
As a managed service provider focused on IT strategy and security, we serve as a trusted partner for our customers. We use a consultative approach to design your company solutions every step of the way. Rather than simply implementing technologies, we spend time learning about your business requirements to tailor solutions that provide long-term value.


Full Transparency & Confident Decision Making
We are fully transparent with our clients when consulting on the best solutions and services to fit their business needs. Learning our customers short-term and long-term goals, allows us to align the right technology strategy and help our clients make confident decisions for their businesses, making us a trusted business partner.

See what other business owners are saying about us…

Great IT service provider! Reliable, effective, and always available! Outstanding quick response service. Thank you!

Dean Budney

Excellent and fast service

Exceptional and Swift Service! A Remarkable Experience from Start to Finish. They safeguard our Peace of Mind with Effortless Security Solutions

City of Grass Valley Darrin Hutchins

An attention to detail and a focus on efficiency really elevate the experience.” “All techs are friendly and willing to help. I have utmost confidence that if I have something that I need resolving, I can rely on the extra support Integral Networks has to offer. Thanks for all the hard work you all put in.

Cody R.

About Integral Networks

Integral Networks provides a wide range of technology services, including customized IT services and networking solutions for companies of all sizes in Sacramento and Reno. Our unique IT team is friendly and can help your business every step of the way by providing high-quality IT service and support. We expertly combine our years of experience with innovation to provide customized help and support, so you only get what your business truly needs. Typically, our innovative approach begins with a thorough evaluation of what your organization needs to succeed so that we can deliver a perfect fit for your unique business without overstretching your budget.

16 Questions

    16 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Any I.T. Company

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