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Business VoIP Services

In today's fast-paced digital business environment, being able to keep up with the ever-increasing customer demands can be challenging. One of the areas of concern is ensuring that you flawlessly communicate with all your business partners, suppliers, and customers on time without experiencing any kind of glitches. While email is one of the most preferred means of communication for small and large businesses, certain messages can only be best conveyed via phone calls.

But, the old-fashioned phone call systems sometimes experience hiccups that might ruin your business's entire operations due to missed calls and network connection issues. Integral Networks has a solution to this: the new Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system. The system offers you more than just making and receiving calls. Are you looking for a perfect phone system that can streamline all your crucial business communications to avoid missing calls and sales? It's time to invest in a tried and tested Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system.

Business Benefits of Using Integral Networks’ VoIP Service Features Your Business Needs

Our VoIP service allows you to take those important business calls on your Smartphone, tablet, or laptop when you're on the go. The VoIP service comes with a call forwarding feature, which allows you to receive calls regardless of your phone number or location. This makes it possible for your managers or team leaders to be reachable because calls can be forwarded to their cell phones when they're outside of the office.

You don't have to worry about missing important business calls, especially when you're on a business trip or while working remotely from the comfort of your home. Since today's tech-savvy online shoppers prefer communicating over text, you can leverage the service's Short message service (SMS) capability to communicate with customers seamlessly. In addition, you can access your phone number through our VoIP solution without much difficulty.
Business Benefits of Using Integral Networks’ VoIP Service Features Your Business Needs Company in Rocklin and Reno
The ability to handle your business' workload  Company in Rocklin and Reno

The ability to handle your business' workload

Our optimized technology ensures that you receive all incoming calls as your business grows. In other words, you won't miss out on certain calls because the incoming calls are too many. Additionally, a phone system that is capable of converting phone messages into emails will be a valuable addition to your business, especially if you run a small enterprise that doesn't operate after hours.

Our system comes with a Do Not Disturb feature that blocks interruptions from other callers while you're talking to an important client. If you usually talk to your clients over the phone, you shouldn't rely on an outdated phone system that might make you look unprofessional.

Furthermore, if your ordinary day at work involves attending several meetings with clients, the conferencing feature will come in handy in helping you satisfy each client without wasting time commuting from one location to another or dealing with unstable network connections. The conferencing capability is also great for remote teams working from home or out in the field. The ability to dial different numbers from your list automatically will make your marketing and customer support department more efficient.

Affordable and easy to install

The process of acquiring traditional phone systems for business is rather long and expensive compared to investing in Integral Network's VoIP service. Our trained staff will walk with you every step of the way as you transition from the old-fashioned phone system into a more efficient way of communicating. We'll help you find the most suitable VoIP service that meets your budget.
Affordable and easy to install  Company in Rocklin and Reno
Business VoIP Services  in ROCKLIN and  RENO

Business VoIP Services

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Our top priority is to ensure that your technology runs seamlessly. You can rest easy when you put your business's technology in Sacramento and Reno in our capable hands.

For more information on how to get started, contact Integral Networks immediately.
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