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Why Data Backup and Recovery is Critical

Why Data Backup and Recovery is Critical

If your business has suffered a hardware or software mishap such as a cyber-attack, accidental data deletion, human-caused events, or data corruption, you'll lose vital business data. A data backup comes in handy in helping you create a copy of data that can be later recovered from an earlier point in time.

We'll help you store the copy of your important data on a separate medium such as a cloud storage container, USB stick, external drives, or tape drives so that you're fully protected against unplanned events. Alternatively, the data can be stored in a remote location, especially if weather-related events have the potential of damaging the data stored at your business premises.

To minimize the amount of data you might lose between backup intervals, copies of data should be backed up on regular basis. Having multiple copies of data in your backup is insurance that you can restore as much data as possible to a point in time when your data was not corrupted or affected by malicious attacks. Although you can't randomly predict what happens to your data in case of accidental circumstances, it's advisable to prepare for the worst.

The Current Backup and Recovery Situation

30% of businesses don't last for more than a year after experiencing major fire disasters
60% of businesses close shop within six months of losing their data
70% of businesses end up shutting down in less than five years after experiencing a major data loss that was a result of a natural disaster
Why Data Backup and Recovery is Critical

Around The Clock Data Backup and Recovery Support

We have a data backup and recovery system that is designed to update continuously in storing your business's data in the cloud. This means that you won't have to worry about experiencing any unnecessary downtimes or operational disruptions once you invest in our system. We understand that every minute counts when it comes to acquiring and retaining customers to boost your revenue. Our team is available 24/7 to provide you with all the support you need in ensuring your data is steadily stored in the cloud and can be recovered whenever you need it. We're always available to quickly and reliably help you recover your lost data regardless of the issues or disaster you're experiencing.

Protecting Your Business with a Data Backup & Recovery Solution

Integral Networks specializes in computer backups, system recoveries, data centers, and hard drive backups suitable for different sizes of businesses. Our system is designed to back up domain and server information and store it remotely. In case of any random disasters such as fires or data breach strikes, you can quickly access and recover your lost data.

We guarantee:

  • Business Continuity: You can have peace of mind knowing your data is stored securely and ready for recovery at any time in case of data loss.
  • Short-Term Data Loss: We understand that you always need your data to be operational at all times. If you lose it, we provide it in no time.
  • Protection from Hackers or Virus threats: Instead of wasting your limited resources worrying about potential hackers and virus threats, allow us to take the burden off your shoulders. Spend that valuable time focusing on the core processes of growing your business.
Data Backup & Recovery Solution

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
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