Integral Networks Gives US Effortless Security Solutions

Integral Networks has and continues to be a wonderful team to work with. They are extremely professional and responsive. Any need has been met whether requested during or outside of working hours. More importantly, it’s been very comforting to know that our data has been secured and protected. We’ve experienced no data loss or security breach for nearly a decade if not longer. I cannot say how great it’s been to work with them.

Megan Smith

Integral Networks is the perfect IT Partner

Integral Networks has been working with the City of Grass Valley for over 2 years, and during that time it has helped the city to implement a number of successful IT initiatives. These include the deployment of new security tools, the implementation of new servers, and upgrades of the city's network infrastructure.

Integral Networks has also played a key role in the City's efforts to improve its IT security. The company has helped the city to develop and implement a comprehensive security plan, and it has also provided training to city employees on how to protect themselves from cyber threats.

As a result of Integral Networks' work, the City of Grass Valley now has a stable infrastructure that is both secure and reliable. The company's team of experts is always available to provide support and guidance, and they are always working to find new ways to improve the city's IT systems.

Overall, Integral Networks is a highly reliable and trustworthy IT solutions and services provider. The company has a proven track record of success, and it is committed to providing its clients with the best possible service. If you are looking for a company that can help you to improve your IT infrastructure and security, then Integral Networks is the perfect choice.

Grass Valley City Brad Kalstein

Great IT service provider! Reliable, effective, and always available! Outstanding quick response service. Thank you!

Dean Budney

Excellent and fast service

Exceptional and Swift Service! A Remarkable Experience from Start to Finish. They safeguard our Peace of Mind with Effortless Security Solutions

City of Grass Valley Darrin Hutchins

An attention to detail and a focus on efficiency really elevate the experience.” “All techs are friendly and willing to help. I have utmost confidence that if I have something that I need resolving, I can rely on the extra support Integral Networks has to offer. Thanks for all the hard work you all put in.

Cody R.

Integral Networks, Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.

Steven Chambers

Their Expertise Keeps Us Running Smoothly

So happy to say that Bogart got us up and running… and all issues resolved today. He and David and Garrett worked very hard and did a great job helping us figure this out and get us back online. Our whole team here is VERY grateful!! Thank you to everybody for the tenacity to get this figured out and support our staff here – and I am sure that we are ALL glad to have another bad AT&T project behind us!

Calvary Christian Center Calvary Christian Center

I would have to rate the service that Garrett rendered 100 on a 10 point scale.


The best service ever.

Coldwell Solar, Inc

Things are going very well and problems are getting solved!!

California International School

Very fast and good at what they do.

Sequoia Pacific Builders

Painless help. Had some issues getting our printers working but the staff never got frustrated working though it.

V-Power Equipment Inc.

Always does an awesome job and get me out of every computer related pickle.

Riverland Homes, Inc.

Issues solved instantly, as always!

Riverland Homes, Inc.

Staff is always a pleasure to work with…very smart and knowledgeable.


Garrett did a fantastic job, his patients were unbelievable, and it was very very helpful.

Yolo County Flood Control

Working with Integral Networks gives us Elevating Excellence in our IT Support"

Bogart was on-time as usual and was very helpful during this service appointment. Integral Networks always lives up to its name.

Arden Fair Mall Arden Fair Mall

Always so helpful and awesome.

Contractor Manager

Integral Networks guys are always great!

ICU Technologies Inc.

5 Star Service, patience.

Murga, Strange & Chalmers

Always a great help. Specifically Garret is super knowledgeable and resolves issues real quick. I've been working with Integral & Garret for the last 3 years so far haven't been let down.

Boogs Co

Integral Networks has been an excellent business partner for us. Very responsive and knowledgeable. I wonder what we ever did without them.

Velawcity Legal Services

So happy to say that Bogart, David, Garrett and Bryan got us up and running… and all issues resolved today. They worked very hard and did a great job helping us figure this out and get us back online. Our whole team here is VERY grateful!!

Thank you to everybody for the tenacity to get this figured out and support our staff here.

A Fairbanks

Big thanks to Garrett who was incredibly patient, kind, and helpful in setting up a new laptop and printer and ensuring my ability to work from home. He walked me through the entire process and was a step ahead the entire time. Thank you for the great job and your time! Very much appreciated!


I am so thankful our business has their service. I am not a tecky person so when I cannot take care of a problem, they are just a phone call away. I have referred Integral Network to several business.

Karen Lokey

Integral Networks service and support is always top knotch. Nearly every ticket is closed fairly quickly with satisfactory or higher results. The guys are very approachable, no matter what your IT knowledge level is at. When we get calls at work from other IT companies, I shut them down quick. Unless Integral Networks changes their model to something highly undesirable, we are sticking with them.

Daniell Edwards

Integral Networks remains an exceptional IT support for Arden Fair, Bryan Badger and his team are the most reliable in providing their expertise and support for our CCTV infrastructure. Integral Networks has assisted with technical guidance, equipment, service, and power outages. Their techs are on time when scheduled and their help desk is quick to respond to issues whether it developed from a monitored system alert or a call for service. We appreciate Integral Networks; their technical knowledge and customer service is top of the line.

Arden Fair Management

Always Available

The single biggest benefit is that Integral Networks is always available.  I work long hours and Saturdays, and when I have an issue, inside or outside of normal working hours, Integral always solves my issue. Integral Networks has excellent customer service, some really talented computer wizzes, and they always solve our issues regardless of the time of day (or night).  We never have to wait very long, all the staff at Integral are patient and kind.  They hire very knowledgeable techs, the best I have ever worked with, by far.  They somehow simplify difficult situations and are super-efficient at problem-solving necessary to keep us on track allowing us to better service our customers. Just try them – they will take your computer worries away.

Tom Razzano

Peace of mind

Peace of mind is often touted but rarely delivered. Not so with Integral Networks.  They aren’t just our managed service provider, they are our technology partner and they care about how our business grows. Integral Networks understands our challenges and then works on solutions that fit our constraints.

Laura Saldana TBC Construction Inc

Peace of mind!

The single biggest benefit is the peace of mind in knowing that if ICU employees have an IT issue that Integral Networks will handle it, rather than burdening leadership with mundane IT issues. Integral Networks remotely logs in or comes to our office right away, they are always very responsive and easy to work with. We have zero worries about downtime and even recommend them to our clients.

Everett Kellogg ICU Technologies

Integral Networks is a Loyal Partnership and offers Unwavering Support, They have been A Decade-Long IT Companion for Napa Electric

Napa Electric has been a customer of Integral Networks for many years, they are our first IT partner and thankfully a robust partner, so we have never needed to change. We appreciate the quick response time to our inquiries and need for assistance. Integral Networks employees are always working in our best interest and open to feedback.

Tiffany Kuehl Napa Electric

Beyond Perfection: A Staggering 100/10 Rating for Our Exceptional Service!

Integral Networks has taken over our day-to-day IT operations and giving me the time to manage other sides of our company that I otherwise would not have the time for. The level of communication and the quick response to any questions/concerns about a ticket is something that Integral Networks does extremely well. They are a great company to work with they truly look at what your companies over all IT needs are and come up with the best plan for you. Then adjust accordingly as your company needs change.

Kayla Keema Studebaker Electric Inc.